Arohan R. Subramanya, MD, FASN

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine and of Cell Biology
  • Staff Physician, Research and Medicine Services

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Research Interests

Dr. Subramanya is studying the molecular physiology and cell biology of SLC12 co-transporters, transport proteins that control blood pressure, cell volume, and electrolyte balance. This family of transport proteins includes the thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl co-transporter NCC, and the bumetanide-sensitive Na-K-2Cl cotransporter NKCC2, kidney salt transporters that are targets for diuretic therapies commonly prescribed in the clinic.  His laboratory has defined molecular networks that control the activity, folding, and biosynthetic processing of these co-transporters. These studies have revealed new insights into the molecular basis of human hypertension and hereditary salt wasting kidney diseases, such as Gitelman and Bartter syndromes.